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The Liberty Fluid Power Difference  

We Service-Industrial Equipment, Construction Equipment, Mobile Equipment and Hydraulic Tools

About Us

Located in beautiful Kansas City North - Liberty Fluid Power Services is the premier provider of on-site hydraulic and pneumatic systems troubleshooting and equipment repair services. With over 36 years of hands-on fluid power systems experience, we can help you with any component repairs, system upgrades or new system installations. Our goal is to solve problems, not sell products. Every distributor salesman that enters your doorway has one directive from his boss after leaving his Monday morning sales meeting – SELL MORE PRODUCTS!

Our goal is to help you to eliminate the need for unnecessary products and show you how to get the most service life out of your equipment.

You know the story - big distributors pushing products and services you may not actually need. We didn't agree with it then, and we don't agree with it now.

That's why we founded Liberty Fluid Power Services - to help our clients improve the service life of their systems, while reducing spending. Our focus is on helping you to avoid downtime, unnecessary purchases and extra staff. And that's the best way to stay profitable in today's market.

Run lean. Stay smart. And let Liberty Fluid Power Services help you do it.

Call today for a complete equipment assessment and start saving money on costly repairs.